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Hey, it’s Dr. Pedram again and I’m so excited you made it here!

On this page you’re going to find out how you can get your very own copy of the ENTIRE Roadmap to Prosperity Course and become a Prosperity Stakeholder…

But I want to share something with you first –

When we started getting ready to film Prosperity I had no idea the journey it would take me on. I was just a guy with a mission to spread the idea that –

  • People are inherently good
  • Our planet is in trouble
  • Business “as usual” is making it worse and…
  • TOGETHER we can fix it

Like I said before, I really thought I was going to face an uphill battle to try and find businesses and entrepreneurs who were doing the kind of work I hoped to show in the film.

Boy was I wrong.

As I started to learn more about these conscious businesses, I realized that I had FAR MORE information, interest and incentive than I could possibly fit into a regular feature length film.

And it put me in a bind.

I wanted to share it ALL with you – because there’s just so much good happening all around us and we don’t even have eyes to see it!

What if I took all that extra footage, interviewed ALL the rest of the socially conscious business owners and experts in conscious capitalism… and put them together into a “discovery” video series?!

That’s where The Roadmap to Prosperity Event concept started to form, and it just took off from there.

We ended up with enough brand new amazing information to fill 25 full video sessions that we decided to release a select few over 7 days after the free screening of the film.

Hopefully you’ve watched at least some of The Roadmap by now!

It was designed to do several things –


Gather ALL our existing extra interview footage, the wonderful nuggets of truth and information that just wouldn’t fit into the film itself…


Make brand new interviews with all our socially conscious businesses, entrepreneurs, and experts to truly “fill in the blanks”


Give it ALL to you 100% Free to watch to spread the word far and wide.

I also knew that by doing it this way, I was setting myself up for a potential disaster…

Because, unless you quit your job and sit at home for the duration of the 7 days of awesome videos in The Roadmap… it might just be impossible for you to watch them all.

(And that’s not good for anyone’s prosperity!)


I’ve got you 110% covered!

In my travels I learned that not only are business owners ready, willing and able to help this movement – people just like you are ready to take the challenge head on!

So right now, do me a big favor and read the rest of this page – it’s ONLY for people who signed up for the exclusive free screening of Prosperity with a very special offer for you.

The truth is – I knew beforehand that The Roadmap to Prosperity Event was going to be a lot of information – but I also knew that I absolutely had to have it all recorded – there was just too much great information that you could use immediately in your life.

So don’t worry a single minute about not being able to see it all.

I’ve got something very special for you.

My team and I have traveled the country and
captured the interviews in this amazing program for you.

Redefining Prosperity

Building A Conscious Business

Creating Real Wealth

Bettering Your Community

Finding Your Purpose & Core Values

Conscious Banking & Investing

Conscious Shopping

Healthy Body / Healthy Mind

Solving World Problems

You’ll get all of it. Every interview from The Roadmap Course (including transcripts), PLUS a new lesson each month with a key influencer. Here is a partial list of some of our instructors.

Lynne Twist


Andrei Cherny

CEO, Aspiration

Naveen Jain

CEO, Viome

Tyler Gage
Founder, RUNA Tea
Andrew Hewitt
GameChangers 500
Erika Karp
Cornerstone Capital
Gunnar Lovelace
Thrive Market
Tom O’Bryan
CEO, TheDr.Com

Eugene Cooke

Grow Where You Are

Kevin Gianni
AMG Skincare
Naomi Whittel

CEO, Twinlab

Yanik Silver
Evolved Enterprise
Patrick Gentempo

Action Potential

Ankur Jain
Kairos Society
Garett Gunderson
CEO, Wealth Factory
Tim Kelley

But that’s not the half of it. These amazing teachers and entrepreneurs have gone the extra mile and have put together some amazing bonus materials exclusively for you (more details below).

You won’t find this anywhere else, and it’s designed to do one very specific thing.

Each and every person in the film and in The Roadmap wants to help YOU become the most prosperous and most conscious person you can.

And there’s a very good reason – Henry Ford was one of the first industrialists to realize something very specific about his business.

He realized that by paying his workers almost DOUBLE what his competitors in the early auto industry were making, he was actually creating his own system of demand.

It worked like nothing the world had ever seen and ushered in not only a new era in manufacturing, but also created the middle class in the process.

We’re at a similar crossroads right now, but this time it’s global.

The remarkable entrepreneurs who gave so much of their time and energy to help me make Prosperity and The Roadmap are excited and eager to help YOU pivot not just your own life, but the future of business and capitalism in the world.

The old model is stuck on scarcity and struggle...
the new model generates value and prosperity for all.

Now, here’s the thing.

Like I said, this is a special offer with very special pricing only for people like you who registered for the Exclusive Screening of Prosperity –

You already stepped up and watched Prosperity and you KNOW just how powerful this information is and how it can affect your own personal prosperity and the prosperity of the planet.

With the information packed interviews inside The Roadmap you’ll be able to start immediately making the kinds of changes you need to make to grow your own bottom line and reward businesses who are aligned with your own purpose. You can be part of this blossoming movement. You can position yourself, your business, and your community in this new world and benefit from it. That means more prosperity for you and the world.

Right now you have a special opportunity to get it all and lock in this special pricing AND become a founding Prosperity Stakeholder in our brand new community! Take a look right below at what you’re going to get when you own your own copy of The Roadmap to Prosperity Course today!

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Become A Founding Prosperity Stakeholder
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Become A Founding Prosperity Stakeholder & Get All the Roadmap Interviews, Member Discounts, and A New Lesson Each Month. Members Have Access to Exclusive Events, Content, and Discounts with Conscious Companies.

BONUS: The Vitality Challenge
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Stakeholder PLUS Level: Get All the Benefits of the Stakeholder Membership PLUS Bonus Modules on Time Management, Efficiency, Work-Life Balance, and More. For a Limited Time, Members at This Level Also Receive a Bonus of The Entire Roadmap Course on DVD, a Roadmap Workbook, DVD and Blu-Ray of Prosperity, and Extra Interviews.

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Take ownership of your own future and the future
of the planet by becoming a Prosperity
Stakeholder Today!

Because there’s just a whole lot of amazing things being offered, I want to make absolutely certain that you know what you’re getting in return for simply joining our community.

So, let me lay this out for you.

In addition to getting immediate access to the entire Roadmap Course as a Founding Prosperity Stakeholder you’ll be getting a fantastic set of resources and rewards.

The minute you join the Prosperity Community you’ll get an amazing array of different choices, hefty discounts for doing business with our core entrepreneurs…

That’s right – we’ll reward you with not only discounts, and special opportunities… we’ll give you true monetary rewards and the chance to directly work with companies that are most compelling to you, and grow a true “conscious wealth portfolio.”

Plus, each and every month we’ll be releasing a brand new continuing education video to keep you 100% up to date on the latest most cutting edge information we can provide you to help make your life easier, and more prosperous!

  • Thrive Market offer only valid for continental US and non-existing Thrive customers.

All of this, the tools, the Roadmap, the discounts, the rewards… ALL of it is designed to make you a part of the solution.

And if you’ve stayed with me this long I KNOW you’re ready to take the next step.

“Dr. Pedram, this sounds fantastic and I’m excited to start – but what on earth will it cost me to become a Founding Prosperity Stakeholder?”


I’m pretty sure the answer is going to surprise you.

As a founding Stakeholder in the Prosperity Community – you’ll get access to EVERYTHING I’ve already outlined and be first in line for everything that’s still to come, for a lot less than you might imagine.

I think you’ll agree that, nowhere else on the planet will you find a collection of resources, tools, incentives and actual money dedicated to using conscious capitalism to change the world.


I’d be well within the bounds of sanity if I told you the cost to become a founding member was at least $1200 per year, or $100 a month.

I mean, just go back and look at the value of the things you get INSTANTLY when you become a Prosperity Stakeholder!

But here’s the thing… and it might surprise you – I’ve built this program in a way to keep it growing and working for everyone, for the LONG term.

I’ve worked tirelessly with several conscious companies to add in 10 to 100 TIMES the value of your initial membership to make it a complete no-brainer. I developed a business model that provides you enormous value while helping us fuel the ability to keep making amazing films and offering them for free to the world.

I need your participation in this.

We’re looking to turn Prosperity into an ongoing show that keeps following stories that inspire positive change in the world. Our stakeholders are helping us fund the ongoing content so there’s no need for outside advertisers with agendas.

Together, we raise the bar and find a better path forward.

If you’re ready to live life the conscious way, this is the ONLY place that will make it SUPER SIMPLE for you to learn the ropes and have an impact, without having to do all of the hours of work, research and more to find and vet companies dedicated to doing this work.

Oh, and there’s one more important piece of the puzzle you’ll get instant access to when you join today –

There’s an APP for that.

We’ve developed an exclusive app to make absolutely sure you’re able to track your progress and engage with our growing community. We’ve already inspired several people to launch new eco products, organize beach clean ups, support local companies, and boycott bad practices in their area.

Feeling all alone out there?

Well you aren’t.

Come join this supportive environment filled with passionate people just like you who are coming together and supporting each-other with experiences, tips, inspiring stories, and friendships. We’re helping our members organize local events, screenings, and meet ups so you can make friends, and join forces to help make the world a better place.

Members will also have all their discounts tracked through the app and we’re working constantly to get deeper discounts and incentives for our Stakeholders.

THAT is how we make real change, really fast!

And it’s not going to cost you $1200 per year. (BUT it might very well SAVE you $1200 a year… )

Right now, when you click that button right down there you’ll get immediate access to EVERYTHING as a founding Stakeholder…

For just $99 bucks.

Less that $100 to get in on the ground floor, make positive change in your own life and the lives of others while KNOWING you’re helping the planet in the process. If you do the quick math, just the Thrive market trial offer alone gets you $100 back in free groceries…so there’s half your investment back right there!

We’re Betting on Life by Paying it Forward

With every single new Stakeholder that joins our community, we’re going to donate a percentage of your membership fee to some remarkable causes.

Way down in Central America is the headwater of the Amazon river and the beginning of the Amazon basin.

The Amazon jungle and the river itself are the breath of life for the ENTIRE planet.

The jungle and rainforest hold the seeds of life, from medicines, to the engine that drives man of the worlds vital weather patterns, the Amazon is key to our continued existence.

The reality is, if the Amazon dies… so does the life on the planet.

So when you become a founding Stakeholder of the Prosperity Community right now – you’re becoming a DIRECT stakeholder in the future of our planet.

A percentage of our membership funds will go to the Pachamma Alliance ( an organization that is working to preserve the 100 million acres that are the headwaters of the Amazon. This area is where much of the medicine, biodiversity, and weather systems of the world originate.

THIS is about change you can see and you can feel.

It’s truly “making your money matter” and together we’ve got this.

Speaking of that… here’s my personal promise you…

When you join the movement as a founding Prosperity Stakeholder today I’ll take all the risk.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the value you receive as a Prosperity Stakeholder Member, you can get a full refund within 30 days. No phone calls and no hassle…if it isn’t for you then simply email us.

You’ll receive new content, discounts, and value each month. If you’re not fully satisfied at the time of annual renewal, just let us know. Our commitment is to deliver at least 10x the value in all we do.

Become A Founding Prosperity Stakeholder
& Get Access To The Complete Recordings!


Become A Founding Prosperity Stakeholder & Get All the Roadmap Interviews, Member Discounts, and A New Lesson Each Month. Members Have Access to Exclusive Events, Content, and Discounts with Conscious Companies.

BONUS: The Vitality Challenge
(A $30 Value FREE)


Stakeholder PLUS Level: Get All the Benefits of the Stakeholder Membership PLUS Bonus Modules on Time Management, Efficiency, Work-Life Balance, and More. For a Limited Time, Members at This Level Also Receive a Bonus of The Entire Roadmap Course on DVD, a Roadmap Workbook, DVD and Blu-Ray of Prosperity, and Extra Interviews.

  • For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Here’s My Personal Prosperity Challenge To YOU

Join the Prosperity movement right now. Use your money and your mind to vote for yourself, your community and your planet!

Grab the rudder by both hands and help steer our civilization in the right direction…

Your $99.00 is immediately eclipsed by what you’re going to get in return.

I’m that confident in what we’re doing. Let’s join together, generate new wealth and spread it around for everyone.

Simply put, Prosperity starts with you.

Become a founding Prosperity Stakeholder Today.

This is your golden opportunity to turn the tiny ripples of change into a tsunami of new hope for the future!

Take the first step in the journey right now – click right below,
choose the package that’s right for you and take your place as a
founding Prosperity Stakeholder!

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