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Where Do We Go From Here?

There’s one very important thing I want you to know about Prosperity…

It’s not just a movie. It’s a movement.

The businesses we showcased in the film are only a handful of the thousands of new and existing companies who are actively trying to make changes in the world around us.

There’s so much more to the story, and we need YOU to help write the rest!

The challenge we face is simple. We can’t predict the future, but we can help make choices that turn us in the right direction.

We could feature something cool a company is doing today and, tomorrow they can go off the rails and do something bad.

Our goal is not to endorse specific companies, but rather reward ANY company making an effort and showing good behavior. Let’s come together and encourage them to continue doing good things… and reward them for that.

We’ve spent several months researching the best tools and resources we can share with you after the film to help you in each of the 5 main categories mentioned at the end of the film.

We’ve put together tools and resources for you to take the next steps and bring more Prosperity in your life. In each area, we’ve pulled research and tools to help you make simple swaps that’ll make a big difference. Click the chalkboard image above to access these free resources.

Here’s are a simple first step- put your money in a conscious bank:

I’m going to share two other things with you right now that are the seeds to growing a brand new future for all of us.

The first is my personal gift to you for watching Prosperity and helping us spread the word.

It’s called “The Roadmap To Prosperity Course” and and we'll share three brand new “Roadmap” videos with you daily for 7 days, starting TODAY after you see the film.

They’re absolutely free for you to watch and learn from – designed to help you put into action what you learned in the film. While the film is fresh in your mind, it is time to take action and do a couple positive things for the world. The videos are designed to help you with those next steps.

All you have to do is CLICK HERE and you’ll be taken right to the first interview. There, you’ll also see the full schedule for the free 7 day event which is showcasing our ongoing educational course. You’ll also get reminder emails when new content is available daily.

We put these resources together for you specifically to inspire you to do amazing things in your own life – grow your bottom line and your own prosperity, and while you’re improving your own life – you’ll help the people around you.

Here’s the thing. It’s almost impossible to help change the world if you’re struggling personally.

You can’t give time, energy or money to causes you believe in, if you’re having trouble of any kind in your own life…

We want prosperity for EVERYONE – and The Roadmap will give you the tools and resources to thrive!

And our collection of experts will help you find the areas in your life that you can drastically change for the better right now!


Our mission is to serve you and help YOU prosper.

We’ll help you learn how to spend your money for… for the best “bang for your buck” and most impact on the planet so, together, we can grow wealth and support the businesses doing the most good.

With your help we can make radical change start NOW not later!

Here’s the thing…

Never before have we been closer to this tipping point…  instead of wantonly using up resources and tossing them aside, we have the chance to open our eyes, wake up our minds and realize…

There IS enough for everyone (and more!) if we simply learn to use our vast resources in healing and not destructive ways.

And YOU are the key to making it happen.

But here’s a reality about human beings…

In the absence of true motivation and concrete direction, humans will almost ALWAYS take the path of least resistance.

What does that mean?

It means that in a world DROWNING in information and mis-information we’re all looking for someone to help us and show us the right path.

Almost all people in their heart of hearts are good, and want what’s best, not only for themselves and their families, but for everyone else too.

The problem is, it’s amazingly HARD to figure out what that means when it comes to your daily life.

If you’re anything like me, you have a hard enough time just trying to juggle your work, kids (and ALL those kid related activities), your spouse, your mortgage… let alone trying to figure out if all of the decisions you make on the fly every day are having a good or bad impact on the planet!

It’s enough to make your head spin.

And that’s why it’s so EASY to mentally disconnect and let things run on autopilot.

But what if it was just as EASY to KNOW each and every day that the money you spend and the decisions you make are actually doing the good you want to see in the world?

What if… you could set your autopilot for GOOD?

A Place For Good…

We’ve created a community of like-minded people just like you in our FREE Prosperity App. 

You can connect with groups doing good things, create a petition, find an event or course, or simply network with people who’ve seen the film, love the message, and want to get involved in doing something more for a better future.

You can search for “Well.Org” in the Apple or Android app stores or you can get it on desktop here.


Hey it’s Dr Pedram Shojai. I’m the host of the movie and founder of Well.Org. We’re a For- Benefit media company who’s mission is to cover stories that make the world a healthier place. I’m a real person who wants a better future for my kids. I want to share something really important with you here.

When I first started to think about doing this film, I spoke with several people about it who encouraged me to move ahead. This was to be my third film and I was hoping to raise money for it. I had funded my first film (low budget) and grew Well.org from there. Origins, my second film cost considerably more but, again, I decided to pay for it through Well.org which isn’t a huge company. When it came time to start planning for this film, I spoke with Gunnar Lovelace of Thrive market who loved the idea. He said he’d be willing to help with a crowdfunding campaign to support the it. He was able to sponsor $100k grant from Thrive and helped with our Indiegogo campaign (which raised $16k) a couple years ago. The agreement was for Well.org to retain complete creative control and tell the story as we discovered it. Thrive would also be able to share its mission with our viewers.

This grant helped launch the Prosperity project and, as I spent more time learning the stories and meeting amazing people, I knew the project was going to grow in scope and expense. At that point, I had to face a decision, raise more money or manage it ourselves. Because of the nature of the film, I couldn’t have the people in the project become sponsors or it would lose journalistic integrity. So what did we do? We sucked it up. It was a tough decision but we knew it was the right one. We ran a very tight ship and we managed to fund the whole film on our own from that point on. We’re proud of that fact. Everybody who’s been featured in this film deserved to be here. Thrive Market did put in that original grant but had zero creative say and nobody else paid us anything. The only other “benefit” we received was we were able to hitch a ride to panama on a plane Naomi had chartered (those things cost a lot) and she put us up for 2 nights at an eco-lodge on one of the islands. We never featured the lodge in the film. We probably got a handful of lunches picked up along the way as we visited companies on the road.

That’s it. We’ve kept it clean.

On another note I want to say this: our stance in this film is to feature good behavior, not companies. People make mistakes. They take wrong turns. Many of these companies could make a terrible decision tomorrow or may already have things they’ve done that aren’t too cool. We understand that things aren’t black and white and took this stance from the very beginning. We’re here to applaud good behavior and not individuals or companies. This way, we can all encourage change and move the conversation forward.

Now, if you're a business owner or decision maker, this is for you...

Upon completion of the film, we thought long and hard about how we could use this message to deliver the maximum positive impact on the planet. We knew that getting people to spend wisely and bank with the good guys would make a huge difference so we went through great pains to vet the best resources out there which we could recommend.

We knew that where our investment and retirement money goes is also huge so we found amazing SRI and IMPACT funds for people to try instead. They get great returns and do good things for the future.

But the missing piece was something core to the message of the movie- that BUSINESS can be used as a powerful tool for change. We’d already seen it demonstrated in many cases in the film, but what about the millions of other firms who are not doing business this way yet?


We want to help 100,000 businesses move into this space in the next decade. We feel that this is a powerful way to drive change rapidly on the planet.

If you own or manage a business and would like to move more in the direction of “Prosperity” in the new economy, click the button below for more information of how we can help you.


Since our very first movie, we have become enamored with the freemium model. This means, we’ve decided to make our movies free (for as long as we can) and share them with millions of people. After all, we’re doing this to help people and fix the world, so the more people who watch, the better.

So how do we make money?

At Well.Org, we create thoughtful, relevant, and supportive materials, education, programs, and groups to support the movies we make. Our first film (Vitality) was supported by a program called “The Vitality Challenge” which was a lifestyle program that helped thousands of people. We inspired millions with the film and helped several thousand get healthier. This helped generate revenue which allowed us to keep the movie for free longer and also helped us fund our second film without outside sponsors.

Our second film (Origins) was followed by a 40 interview “Deep Dive” series which, again, added tons of value and helped thousands of people clean the toxins out of their lives. We continue to ask the big questions and seek truth in our content. This allowed us to grow and keep doing what we do- including the making of the film, Prosperity.

The goal is to always deliver 10-100x the value people invest and use a percentage of proceeds to fund causes that matter. It’s a great model- win/win/win for you, us, and the planet. We offer lots of free tools and resources for everybody and also offer a paid level with added value for people who want more, get the mission, and can support this work.

We’re extremely proud of the Prosperity Roadmap and Conscious Business Accelerator. It is stacked with powerful interviews, actionable lessons, useful tools, discounts, and much more. The goal is to educate, inspire, connect people, and keep growing this movement. We want to empower you and activate you to be a part of something bigger. The money you invest helps fuel the whole engine and is going to fund the continuation of Prosperity as an episodic show.

That’s right.

This is just the beginning.

Our students are helping us continue this exploration of the real-life examples of people doing great things. As a student, you’ll receive a new high value lesson each month that’ll help you prosper and help you be involved in making a difference.

Let’s come together and make a lasting impact that we can track.

Like I said, I’m a real guy with kids and dogs who like to run around and play. I’d like to help preserve a world for them to do so. Are you in? 

Take Prosperity Home and Support Our Mission